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Unconscious Patterning

Unconscious Patterning

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Do you always seem to attract the wrong things into your life? Does your life follow a pattern of going well then turning out bad? Do people always seem to let you down? Do you start a diet then "fail" due to lack of commitment? Do you attract the "perfect" romantic partner who then turns out to be just like the others? Does money come to you then get swallowed up by bills that arrive out of nowhere?!

This is called unconscious patterning - it's there - yet you can't see the true root origins. But what you do know is that it's bothering you and causing you to feel stuck. On some level, you probably think "that's life" and that you can't change it.

What if I told you that it's not life - it's just a belief - and the good news is, it can be "upgraded" with life-changing Unconscious Patterning Therapy.

It works like a “detective”, showing up the conscious and hidden history, inner vibrations and ancestral energetic influences that are creating a world around you that you don’t like. These patterns can then get upgraded and reframed to bring you new positive experiences.

No need
to feel stuck any more. Free yourself from the prison bars that are just an illusion in your mind. Help is here!

Note: Between 4 and 6 one-hour sessions are recommended.