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Little Issues Therapy Package

Little Issues Therapy Package

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  • Feel happier for no reason
  • Overcome public speaking and presentations
  • Bring abundance into your life
  • Praise yourself
  • Manifest a loving relationship
  • Stick to a morning routine
  • Boost your success

How Does It Work?

The freedom package is straight forward because all you need to do is:

  • Attend one session
  • Fall asleep listening to your bespoke subliminal recording for a month to reprogramme your mind
  • Listen to a shorter recording which will create 24/7 repetition of the required changes in your subconscious mind.

What Does It Involve?

Release the struggle and make it easy to accept new ways of doing, thinking and feeling through a short course of:

1 x 90 minute hypnotherapy session

1 x tailored recording (played when falling asleep for 30 days)

1 x rapid recording or subliminal recording played for 7 days initially, then as required).

This programme is designed to bring the changes naturally and automatically.

The only work required on your part is 90 minutes of your time (in person, by telephone or online video) and a commitment to the recordings.