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Hypno Circles for Women

Hypno Circles for Women

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It's time to write a new story in 2019
One of love, health and happiness

Do you suffer from emotional problems such as addictions, neediness, codependency**, loneliness, depression, anxiety, anger, bi-polar disorder, self esteem and self worth issues, sadness or relationship addiction? Have you reached a time in your life where you have physical issues and inflammatory or autoimmune problems such as brain fog, chronic fatigue, Chrohn’s Disease, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis or Fibromylagia?

If any of the above rings true, you probably feel that there is no hope, that you’re stuck with the way you are, and that true relief isn’t available to you.

I am here to let you know that hope is not lost.

I am here to let you know that it's not you, it's your programming.

I am here to let you know that it’s time to reclaim your health, vitality and inner love and happiness.

I am here to let you know that what you want IS available to you.

Join me over the next 12 months where you will discover how to “vibrate” peace, love and gratitude in your cells to heal and resolve your underlying issue(s), and attract all of the things that you’re worthy of.

Remember, a lack of self love often leads to illness, and that deficit and way of feeling is something somebody taught you to be/think/feel which has simply become a habit of your mind and body. Meaning, it’s totally reversible!

** Codependency: It's an addiction to a way of existing and being which typically runs in families through the generations; until its healed by one or some of the family. Behaviours include having difficulty making decisions in a relationship, having difficulty identifying your feelings, having difficulty communicating in a relationship, valuing the approval of others more than valuing yourself, lacking trust in yourself and having poor self-esteem, having fears of abandonment or an obsessive need for approval, having an obsessive need to be in a relationship, putting your emotional needs first to the detriment of others or putting others' needs first to the detriment of yourself or your health, having an unhealthy dependence on relationships (even at your own cost), having an exaggerated sense of responsibility for the actions of others, an overriding need to be bonded/connected to something or someone else, overly addicted to smoking, food, alcohol, drugs, social media, messaging others, gaming, porn.

What Is The Format?

These monthly 2-hour sessions are designed to guide you to heal at the subconscious level, where we store and automatically run our good and bad ways, thoughts and habits. Remember, it's not you, it's your programming.

Here, the work is deep and profound. And you will find that as your heart energy expands throughout the year, this naturally opens up and attracts abundant and financial opportunities due to your increased feelings of self worth.

As I am able to offer closed group sessions, the space is completely confidential - you do not have to share your issue with anyone - just simply allow the healing space to work for you. The even better news is, group sessions make this offering much more affordable than one-to-one sessions.

Does It Work?

Having been through this process and experienced such a deep void when it came to self love, I am well placed to help you get back to love. And let me tell you, despite all of the healing work I’d experienced, I thought I was doing ok. But I really had NO idea how much I wasn’t loving myself until I went through this programme.

I’d love for you to join me on this journey and watch your life literally transform in front of you! Because, when you grow and start to emit the frequency of love vibration, everything is amazing. Truly, it is…

What Is The Investment In Myself?

As this is the first Hypno Circle for Women Programme, I’m offering this life changing opportunity for the ridiculously affordable early bird price of £777, rising to £999 on 1 January.

At these rates, you will be receiving incredible value for a huge shift in your mental and physical wellness, which includes appearances from health specialists, coaching support, recommended “homework”, hypnotherapy recordings, meditations, subliminal recordings, books and bonus materials.

You do not get this level of support with one-to-one sessions, without paying for that additional support. And because I want you to get the most out of this programme, I encourage you to have a good think about the time investment you’ll be making before signing up.

I know how much it’s changed my life and I’m excited to be with you on the journey as it transforms yours.

Be well... ❤️

What’s Included?

  1. 12 x monthly educationalcoaching and group hypnotherapy sessions for a closed group
  2. 2 x two-hour private one-to-one hypnotherapy/healing sessions for personal self-love deficit issues and healing
  3. Guidance and support in between sessions, where required
  4. Monthly heart healing during the sessions to open up love and gratitude energy which are attractors for abundance
  5. Group hypnosis recordings to continue your transformation at home
  6. Bespoke subliminal recording(s) to work on transforming a specific personal issue, available upon request
  7. Beautiful 1-year journal to honour and reflect upon your journey
  8. Special guest support from Fuller Nutrition, Olivia Chesney Yoga and Art of Living
  9. “End of journey” Christmas gift made exclusively for you by Lucy Rose Jewellery
  10. Book recommendations to further your growth.

What's Next?

To get the most out of this programme:

  • Come with an open mind
  • Completely immerse yourself in the sessions and "homework"
  • Complete the “inner child” meditations to maximise your journey to self love and wellness
  • Be committed to the recordings in between sessions to optimise your transformation.


Side effects may include the following:

  • Calmer mind
  • Weight loss
  • Ability to make clearer decisions
  • Better quality sleep and cellular renewal
  • More youthful face
  • Natural ability to flow with the seasons and enjoy all weathers.


[Scroll down for programme timetable.]

Programme Timetable 

January: Why We Don’t Love Ourselves
10 am - 12 pm



Group Hypnotherapy


Say goodbye to rock bottom and welcome the feeling of hope.

Understand how we form opinions about ourselves that aren’t based on love. Learn why humans experience “self love deficit disorder” which influences their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

how relational chemistry with others impacts your life.

Guided session to clear old hidden energy and raise your internal spirit
to prepare your soul for love frequency vibration.

Homework: Say “hello” to your new journal.

February: Releasing Cellular Trauma
9 am - 12 pm



Group Hypnotherapy


This extended workshop starts with a restorative inner child yoga session with Olivia Chesney, getting the body ready to release.

We all carry trauma in our cells - big or small - inherited or gained in this life - and hidden harmful perceptions gained from society. Learn about the effects of stress and trauma on your ability to feel love, as you relax into the positive energy of releasing and flowing.

Guided session to safely soothe cellular trauma without having to access specific memories.

Rewire your mind to naturally and automatically
send love and healing to your chakras, organs and energy field.

Homework: Coaching call (validation of your personal “life story”).

March: Tree of Life - Spring into Love!
9:00 am - 12 pm



Group Hypnotherapy


Women’s Health In Spring

Nutrition is key to welcoming in the new energy of Spring. With special guest, Sophie Shand of Fuller Nutrition.

Why We Sleep

Fall in love with
sleep - one of the most underrated restorative strategies to optimise your health on this journey.

Fire pit ceremony to release your old story. Followed by a Tree of Life guided session to clear old hidden energy and raise your vibration into the new Spring energy.

Homework: Create an “ancestor altar” at home to re-energise your timeline.

April: Blow It Away - New Healthy Boundaries
10 am - 12 pm



Group Hypnotherapy


Understand how the opposite of love is the opposite of strong boundaries. Discover how poor boundaries may have impacted your life, and how strong and positive boundaries are essential for loving, thriving and attracting abundance. Learn energy medicine techniques to strengthen your boundaries.

Guided session to “blow away” the underlying emotional or physical issues that you’ve been carrying, bringing you relief.

Bonus Recording: Guided rainbow-infused meditation recording to protect and super-boost your Toroidal energy field.

May: If I Could Love Me, My World Would Be...
10 am - 12 pm



Group Hypnotherapy


Discover how self love opens your heart and boosts self worth which is the key to attracting abundance. When you value yourself, the universe brings you more to feel worthy about.

Guided session to warm and nurture your heart to expand into the feelings of love and self-worth.

Homework: Divine Mother meditation.

June: How to Dialogue With Your Own Mind
10 am - 12 pm



Group Hypnotherapy


Be amazed by the negative habits and patterns of words and thoughts that continually steer us away from love. Upgrade your language, inner dialogue and thoughts to boost your self esteem, so that you constantly and consistently approve of yourself,
whatever is going on in life!

Guided session to rewire your mind to feel your emotions, praise yourself, talk lovingly, think kindly and focus on gratitude, which is a vital vibration for attracting abundance.

Homework: Daily self-love “tapping” mantra.

July: Finding Your Sense of Self
10 am - 12 pm



Group Hypnotherapy


Find who you truly are inside...
without all the labels, the wrappings and the stories. Learn how to validate yourself, see yourself and hear yourself. Learn that “It’s safe to be me. I can trust in myself. I am love”. Bring in the power of forgiveness to transform your life.

Guided hypnosis session with healing Solfeggio frequencies to meet and welcome your true authentic self. A self that knows you can trust yourself, value yourself, love yourself and know that you’re perfect just as you are. Flood your cells with the feeling of forgiveness for yourself and others to enhance
your health.

August: Birth Reimprinting
10 am - 12 pm



Group Hypnotherapy


Learn how your
birth experience influences your beliefs and perceptions of the world.

Understand how the time spent in the womb sharing your mother’s emotions, and the birth process itself, makes up the person you are today.

Guided session, to revisit and reimprint a new peaceful loving birth where you feel welcomed, safe, loved and worthy of a place on the planet.

Birth reimprinting helps you to feel more bonded with yourself and others.

September: Connecting It All Together!
10 am - 12 pm



Group Hypnotherapy


Connect the dots with the healing journey so far. Explore how valued, worthy, lovable and validated you feel. Understand that you are naturally worthy enough to attract health and
into your life.

Guided hypnosis session focused on heart healing and abundance to magnetically attract that which you desire.

October: Reclaim Light Source Love Energy
10 am - 12 pm



Group Hypnotherapy


Learn how to expand the love and happiness within you to light you up through the winter months, and all year round.

Guided hypnosis session at deep Theta brainwave level. You will travel to the deepest part within you to bring in a source of high vibrational love and forgiveness into your being.

November: Set Alight Your Inner Fire and Purpose
10 am - 12 pm



Group Hypnotherapy


Be your own Guy Fawkes this November and ignite your inner flame to find your purpose and live a life feeling loved, lovable and full of passion and zest! Use that fire power energy to do what you came here to do, with true and meaningful connection to others.

Guided hypnosis session to reprogramme yourself to trust your purpose, trust yourself, trust others, feel alive, feel loved, feel lovable, feel gratitude, feel amazing, vibrate forgiveness, feel incredible, feel transformed! Wooh!

December: I Am Love Completion Circle
10 am - 12 pm



Group Hypnotherapy


Reflect back over the year to see, hear, appreciate and validate your journey to love and health.

Learn to be skillfully peaceful and sustainably happy with a guided meditation by Julie Madeley, Art of Living.

Final guided hypnosis session to know that you are nothing but love.

Christmas Gift: “I am love” gift from Lucy Rose Jewellery.


Payment Options

Payment plans can be made available. E-mail me at for details.

Waiting List

If weekend timings won’t work for you, drop me a message to be placed on the waiting list for the non-weekend programme.

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Note: 2019 Saturday or Sunday dates and venue will be confirmed shortly.