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Business Hire: Behavioural Interviewing (£25 Per Hour)

Business Hire: Behavioural Interviewing (£25 Per Hour)

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Outsource Your Interviews &
Save Valuable Time & Expense

Recruitment is expensive and so is ensuring the quality of your hires. With 20+ years' experience in Human Resources, training, mentoring and coaching based environments, I am trained in advanced behavioural interviewing techniques and can help your business to succeed with the right hires. 

What are the Benefits?

When it comes to interviewing, hiring managers can ask probing questions and use their knowledge of their industry to prompt important discussion, but this can have its limitations. When you outsource your recruitment assessment, the advantages are:

  • Free up time spent interviewing candidates who clearly aren’t right for the role, also helping to save on "chargeable" time.
  • Increase the effectiveness of the interviewing process, thereby saving time and money for your company.
  • Maintain a consistent interview approach, attracting suitable people and enjoying a stronger quality of hire.
  • Make better hiring decisions based on the ability to evaluate a candidate's future performance and potential.
  • You will also save money on training the wrong type of hire, not to mention the time and effort required to do so.

What is the Format?

The behavioural interview process will ensure you are hiring a good cultural fit, which leads to greater job satisfaction, better performance and increased loyalty within the business.

Once you meet with the shortlisted interviewees, all of the selection and pre-selection work will already be done, saving you time and effort. 

Attracting candidates who are a great cultural match for your company will ultimately result in decreased staff turnover, which saves your company substantial money in the long run. It also helps your business develop a positive reputation.

Interviews are held in person, online or via telephone at a flat rate of £25 per hour to cover preparation and interview time.

Why Choose Me?

  • 20+ years' Human Resources experience in the financial services industry, during which time I trained in behavioural interviewing with a global multi-cultural organisation
  • Emotional health specialist and trained hypnotherapist and therefore highly comfortable in dealing with people from a broad diversity of backgrounds and differing circumstances.
  • A deep understanding of mind, coaching and psychotherapy techniques to help others progress and succeed.
  • Excellent organisation and communication skills.
  • Non-judgemental and empathetic understanding of others.
  • Self-assured manner in a variety of situations and time-based environments.
  • An aptitude for reading body language to determine how somebody is feeling.
  • Expert in recognising signals and emotional triggers in others and reacting swiftly and appropriately.
  • Strong rapport developing skills to develop trust with others.
  • Authoritative skills in order to drive positive results.
  • Highly professional approach, due to getting to know the deepest problems of colleagues/clients.


  • CIPD Award in Coaching Skills
  • CIPD Post-Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management
  • CIPD Post-Graduate Certificate in Professional Management
  • CIPD Certificate in Training Practice

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