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5-Step Emotional Freedom Package

5-Step Emotional Freedom Package

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At the baseline of any issue is a desire to achieve the end result of fulfilment and happiness. This is achieved through the Cure Clinic's "5-step emotional freedom package" which includes:

  • 5 x sessions
  • Regular support in between sessions
  • Weekly 15-minute "on track" call
  • Bonus materials and recordings
  • After-care brochure.


Step 1 - Energy Clearing & Healing

  • Initial consultation.
  • Explore emotional issue.
  • Locate and upgrade emotional issue.
  • Subconscious energy clearing.
  • Instant relief.

Step 2 - Deep Healing

  • Release the past in a 2-hour journey to healing.
  • Deep healing for the subconscious mind.

Step 3 - Reimprinting

  • Locate and reimprint cause of the emotional issue.
  • Update your inner thoughts and feelings.

  • Tailored self-hypnosis recording (created live in the session) or subliminal recording for home use.

Step 4 - Reinforcement

  • Update your habits, behaviours and thoughts to respond to life as a thriving adult.

Step 5 - Maximising & Flourishing

  • Maximise and flourish with your new way of thinking and feeling.
  • Become your own coach; learn how to guide your way to natural happiness.
  • After-care brochure.


Depending on your issue, methods may be interchangeable to ensure they are tailored to your individual needs.