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Crystal Water Bottle

The cells in your body hold toxins, memories, information and imprints. Do you ever stop to consider how the quality of the water you drink influences your body...your mind...your cells? If you want to optimise your body - to help your mind function better - you can "upgrade" your water and emotional wellness. This is not woo woo, it's blending science and energy together.

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Protect Your Working Space

Place this piece of black tourmaline by your computer. It's an extremely protective stone that will help shield you from electrical frequencies (EMFs) and negative energy.

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EMF Protection

Harmonise harmful EMF radiation from wireless devices; mobiles, tablets, computers, etc. Supports better sleep, a clearer mind, improved focus, fewer headaches and an overall feeling of improved energy.

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Feng Shui Crystals

To create harmony and optimism in your home or work space.

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Anti-Stress / Anti-Ageing Phone Screen

Long-term exposure to concentrated blue light energy from phones and tablets can cause skin damage, including colour changes, inflammation, and weakening of the skin's surface. Simply put, blue light promotes stressors in skin that cause photo-aging; that is, aging from exposure to light.

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