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Book Recommendations

Playing the Matrix - Mike Dooley
Becoming Supernatural - Dr Joe Dispenza
First Bite - How We Learn To Eat - Bee Wilson
You Can Be Thin - Marisa Peer
I Am Enough - Marisa Peer
Mirror Work - 21 Days to Heal Your Life - Louise Hay
Why We Sleep - The New Science of Sleep - Matthew Walker
The Miracle Morning - Transform Your Life - Hal Elrod
Awaken the Giant Within - Tony Robbins


Crystal Water Bottle: The cells in your body hold toxins, memories, information and imprints. Do you ever stop to consider how the quality of the water you drink influences your body...your mind...your cells? If you want to optimise your body - to help your mind function better - you can "upgrade" your water and emotional wellness. This is no woo woo, it's blending science and energy together.

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Protect Your Work Space: 
Place this piece of black tourmaline by your computer. It's an extremely protective stone that will help shield you from electrical frequencies and negative energy.

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Feng Shui Crystals: To create harmony and optimism in your home or work space.

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